Defined in header <experimental/any>
class any;
(library fundamentals TS)

The class any describes a type-safe container for single values of any type.

1) An object of class any stores an instance of any type that satisfies the constructor requirements or is empty, and this is referred to as the state of the class any object. The stored instance is called the contained object. Two states are equivalent if they are either both empty or if both are not empty and if the contained objects are equivalent.
2) The non-member any_cast functions provide type-safe access to the contained object.


[edit] Member functions

constructs an any object
(public member function)
assigns an any object
(public member function)
destroys contained object
(public member function)
swaps two any objects
(public member function)
checks if object holds a value
(public member function)
returns the typeid of the contained value
(public member function)

[edit] Non-member functions

swaps two any instances
type-safe access to the contained object
(function template)