C++ standard libraries extensions

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The C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals technical specification includes the following significant features:

Doc. No. Title Macro Name Suffix Header
N3920 Extending std::shared_ptr to support arrays shared_ptr_arrays <experimental/memory>
N3916 Type-erased allocator for std::function function_erased_allocator <experimental/functional>
N3843 A SFINAE-Friendly std::common_type common_type_sfinae <experimental/type_traits>
N3923 A SFINAE-Friendly std::iterator_traits iterator_traits_sfinae <experimental/iterator>
N3916 Type-erased allocator for std::promise promise_erased_allocator <experimental/future>
N3916 Type-erased allocator for std::packaged_task packaged_task_erased_allocator <experimental/future>
N3915 apply() call a function with arguments from a tuple apply <experimental/tuple>
N3932 Variable Templates For Type Traits type_trait_variable_templates <experimental/type_traits>
N3866 Invocation type traits invocation_type <experimental/type_traits>
N3905 Extending std::search to use Additional Searching Algorithms boyer_moore_searching <experimental/functional>
N3672, N3793 A utility class to represent optional objects optional <experimental/optional>
N3804 Any Library Proposal any <experimental/any>
N3921 string_view: a non-owning reference to a string string_view <experimental/string_view>
N3916 Polymorphic Memory Resources memory_resources <experimental/memory_resource>
N3925 A sample Proposal sample <experimental/algorithm>
N3783 Network Byte Order Conversion network_byte_order <experimental/net>