Judging Information

All judging will be done by executing your submission via command line. Input and output will be done via stdin/stdout redirection (< and >). For example, to process a C program we will do the following:

C Compile options

C compiles will be of the form: gcc -lm -std=c99

C++ Compile options

C++ compiles will be of the form: g++ -lm -std=c++11

Java Compile options

Java compiles will be of the form: javac file.java
To run it, we do java file (where class name matches file name).
Note: If you use Netbeans, remember to remove the line that says: package name from the top of the souce file before submitting.

Judgement Decision Tree

Here is the process the judges will use to determine the response you will receive after submmitting a solution: